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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Important questions/answers about Finance and Investment

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faq ( frequently asked questions (FAQs))

Question related to real Estate investment You can find the best suggestion to invest in real estate. Black square is a commercial lender that specializes in residential and commercial real estate. We provide affordable financing solutions to residential investors.

We offer low-cost term loans to finance stabilized rental properties and flexible bridge loans for short-term investment strategies.

We lend on single family homes, condos, townhouses, 1-4 unit residences, small multi-family assets and commercial.

We are a commercial lender that provides financing for businesses that invest in non-owner occupied residential properties. Our borrowers use the proceeds from our loans to finance their real estate businesses whereas residential home loan borrowers use their proceeds to finance their primary residence.

Questions from Borrowers

Our borrowers range from those who have fixed and flipped a couple homes to those who manage hundreds of rental properties. We have loans tailored to different borrower experience levels and funding needs.

Yes. Because we are a commercial lender, you will need a Special Purpose Entity (typically a Limited Liability Corporation, or LLC) for your loan. If you don’t have one, no need to worry—it is typically a very straightforward process and our team can assist you.

Our Rental Loans are for stabilized rental properties with leased homes. Typically, this means that nearly all homes are leased or in the process of being leased when the loan closes. Several of our borrowers take advantage of our Bridge Loans to purchase and aggregate properties until they are mostly leased and can be financed with a Rental Loan.

Yes. Foreign nationals are an important part of our business.

In general, we do not have a minimum credit score threshold. Instead, we look at a borrower’s overall credit profile, track record and liquidity.

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Questions from Brokers

Yes, we work extensively with brokers and are always looking for new relationships. We have partner programs that enable brokers to earn meaningful compensation.

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Questions on Products related to real Estate investment

Yes, we offer both recourse and non-recourse Rental Loans. Recourse loans are guaranteed by the individual or operator. Non-recourse loans are secured only by the underlying real estate of the borrower, with certain exceptions such as such as fraud and bankruptcy.

Yes. Many of our borrowers take advantage of this feature.

Most of our Rental Loans amortize based on a 30-year schedule. We also have Interest Only options available.

We offer fixed interest rates on all products.

Questions on Process related to real Estate investment

We usually respond back to potential borrowers with a term sheet between 2-7 days.

Most of our Rental Loans close within 4-6 weeks. Our Bridge Loans typically close within 3-4 weeks.

Yes. Borrowers can self-manage their own properties or use 3rd party property managers.

Yes. We try to close transactions as quickly as possible. Often, this means we will work with borrower title/escrow companies.

Together We Grow

Black Square continues to grow with our borrowers and remain active participants in the industry

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